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ANCC Certification-Related Q&A

1. How do I apply for my ANCC APRN certification?

ANCC Certification Response: First, you can create an account and start entering your educational information, licensure, upload your documents, etc. on this account. It can also be used as a professional development tracker tool as you go along in your professional nursing career. Second, once ready, you can apply for your ANCC APRN Certification application. Payment will need to be submitted in order for your application to be reviewed. Don’t forget to take advantage of our Graduating Soon Discounts!

2. Can I test for my ANCC APRN certification before I graduate?

ANCC Certification Response: Students can test prior to graduation but completed paperwork must be on file to test, this will include your unofficial transcripts. Once you have graduated, the transcripts with the conferred degree must also be submitted to us.

3. What is the Validation of Education (VOE) form?

ANCC Certification Response: The VOE form is a required program information document that must be submitted for your ANCC APRN Certification application and can be submitted by either a student or faculty. Once completed you can either upload it to your account or send it to

4. What is a Gap Analysis and who needs to complete it?

ANCC Certification Response: The Gap Analysis is a signed statement on letterhead completed by your program director, detailing what courses and clinicals were accepted into a post-graduate program. This is needed for students completing a post-graduate certificate, a post-MSN DNP, or post-DNP certificate. Once completed you can either upload it to your account or send it to

5. What are the steps to apply?

ANCC Response: We recommend viewing our previous webinar form March 2021 titled, Relevant Information About Obtaining Your ANCC APRN Certification

View Our Webinar

6. Once I become ANCC Certified, what is the credential should I use at the end of my signature and how should I display my credentials?

ANCC Response: The credentials are located on each certification specialty page. Visit the ANCC’s Our Certifications page, then click on your certification specialty. We also recommend viewing our How to Display Your Credentials video below:



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