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Project Firstline


The training nurses need to stay safe and stop the spread

Nurses are our nation's first line of defense against infectious diseases like COVID-19. That's why ANA has partnered with the CDC to present Project Firstline, an interactive series of free online tools that give you the training and infromation you need about infection prevention and control. New courses will be added as information advances so you can stay prepared with the latest knowledge. Together, we can stop the spread.


As a nurse, having trustworthy, accurate information is vital during healthcare crises like COVID-19. These official CDC training materials are created by IPC experts for healthcare professionals. Learn PPE safety tips, infectious disease guidelines, how to speak to co-workers and patients about infection prevention, and more. Sign up today to learn how you can stop the spread.

Official CDC Training For Nurses

Learn how to fight the spread of Covid-19 and other infectious diseases. These interactive training modules will give you valuable, practical knowledge and instructions on infection control procedure, you can apply in your job, as well as takeaway resources.

Easy, On-the-Go Resources

You need information you can trust at your fingertips. Get access to our training materials on-the-go, complete training at your own pace, see your progress, and pick up where you left off with our easy-to-use platform.

Virtual Mentorship Opportunities

Join our community of frontline healthcare workers. Take part in our online mentorship program and learn directly from other experts about creating a culture of IPC awareness in your organization and how you can be a resource for others.


Nurses are already letting us know how important infection prevention and control is in their care settings. Read more to learn what your colleagues are sharing.

Any guide has to be a living guide – to evolve to the situation.

Need to know what you are supposed to do; but also need to know what you can do and still be safe re: PPE; discrepancy between what I have on hand and what is best practice; how do I advise someone when I know that I am not following best practices

Very unsure about practice.  With supply chain issues, variability on products and how they are used. When wipes are out of supply, then spray is introduced then staff are unsure about wet times. No one seems to own changes to standards of practice that had been in place for years

If I can prevent one infection with a process improvement this can be shared and move through the rest of the facility.  This is exciting!

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